Wednesday “Let’s Get Naked Party”


Wednesday Night Cleveland Ohio and its cold outside.
You’re horny, and you need to find out where all the sexual fun is taking place!

Ladies are the kids driving you crazy at home and you cannot hold out for the weekend – you just need some adult sexual fun!
Couples why not get a jump start on the weekend and find the right couple or single for some sexual fun?
Business guys why are you sitting in those boring hotel rooms just watching television?

It’s time for that Wednesday night HUMP DAY ESCAPE!

Tonight is just another one of those wild Wednesday night Parties and we are looking for those that like to be naked With some wild sex.
Tonight we are looking to turn our large group room into a giant orgy!

Members make sure you bring your driver license and membership card to enter the club.
New members, welcome! You can register right at the door.
Make sure whoever is attending is 21 and over, and brings a driver license.

Membership Fee is $35 which covers you for one full year.

Escape is always BYOB (we do not sell alcohol of any kind) we do provide mixes and soft drinks.

Doors open at 8pm and the party goes until 12:30am ( You MUST be in before 11pm).

3901 Lakeside Ave Cleveland Ohio 44114


Friday Night Throwback 70’s Orgy Party


The 70’s Love, Peace and Sex! The Music – Rock and Roll, Disco, and Reggae!
The look – Bell Bottom Jeans, Jumpsuits, mini skirts, hot pants, and tube tops.
The porn movies Candy Stripers, Taboo, The Devil and Miss Jones, Debbie Does Dallas, and of course Deep Throat.
The sex threesomes, Orgies and of course Daisy Chains.

Tonight we turn back the clock and go back in time for a night of sexual fun – Escape Style.
DJ Sean will take you back in time with the music as we re-live the 70’s.

Escape opened 10 years ago and quickly became the Premier Adult Life Style Club in the state of Ohio.
We continue to grow week in and week out now with over14,000 plus members.
The club was established as a meeting place where like minded couples and single could go as a night out to have fun.
We offer 10,000 square feet of sexual play land.

Why Club Escape?

Our Members – Some of the best couples and single you will ever meet in the North East Ohio Area
Our Club - !0,000 sq ft of sexual play land
Our Staff – Our Staff will cater to your every need.
We even offer a Hospitality Manager who will make sure your room is cleaned and has fresh sheets when it’s time to play.
Fresh Sheets and Actual Beds in the rooms - Our clubs have decided to go the cheap unsanitary route by replacing beds with cheap plastic mats with a spray bottle and a roll of paper towels?
Does not sound clean or comfortable at all!
“FREE PARKING” Last thing you want to have pay for when you go out for the evening is parking?
When you attend parties at Club Escape you park right OUTSIDE the front doors.
Attending parties at Club Escape is different than other clubs.
The people at Club Escape actually talk to you – we have the best members hands down in the state.
We don’t fill our club with strippers who know nothing about the life style and are strictly there for window shoppers.
The single gentlemen who attend our parties mix in well with the couples and are polite and courteous.
Single ladies attend Club Escape because the environment is safe both inside andoutside.
We are an adult life style club for everyone from mild to wild.


So if you’re tired of always paying monthly membership fees, where the Club your Attending lies about the number of people attending their parties just to get you in the door, or maybe you're just tired of over paying for a club the under delivers partyafter party – It’s time for you to Escsape!

Members we make it simple for you to attend parties no need to pre-register.
We allow you to attend parties by simply showing up and making sure you bring your driver license and membership card.

New members welcome! You can register right at the door.
Simply make sure whoever is attending is 21 or over, and brings a valid Driver license.
Club Escape is always BYOB if you dreink we supply the washes and soft drinks. (We Do Not SELL ALCOHOL)

Membership Fee: $35/Year for Couple or Single

Doors open at 8pm and the party goes to 2am (you must be in the Club before 11:45pm)

Dress Code:
Guys dress to impress !
You Must be in a collard or button up shirt!
No graphic tee shirts will be permitted.
No Baseball Hats are permitted.

3901 Lakeside Ave, Cleveland Ohio 44114



Retro 80’s Sex Party

Tonight we turn back the clock as we host our 80’s Sex Party.
Ladies it’s time to pull out those sexy leg warmers, neon clothing, or Guess Jeans.
Guys let's see those jean jackets, Izod Alligators, or Ralph Lauren Polo’s.
Our even your favorite Classic Concert Tee-shirt is acceptable tonight.

We will even have 80’s Porn on all the tv’s !
You know; Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Traci Lords, Peter North, and of course Aunt Peg.
Be ready for a lot of B-U-S-H!

The Music: Journey, Bob Seger, The Go Go’s, Michael Jackson, John Cougar and Rick James.
Our DJ will be playing a good mix of music from the 80’s and today so you can dance the night away.
Our Dj will play your request.

Members make sure you bring you driver license and your membership card.
New Members Welcome!
You can register right at the door – simply make sure that everyone attending is 21 or older, and has a driver license.

Membership Fee: $35/year for a couple or a single

Club Escape is always BYOB if you drink we do not sell alcohol of any kind!
We do supply washes and soft drinks.

Guys Dress Code: Tonight guy’s dress code is waived as long as you participate in the theme.
If not button or collared shirt is required; No Baseball Hats permitted.

Doors open at 8pm and we go till 2am.
You MUST be in the Club before midnight!

3901 Lakeside Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44114