It’s A GB Friday Night Party

Friday Night Cleveland Ohio and you’re looking for the one true club for erotic fun?
Come out of the cold – to the place that’s hot!
It’s time for you to get away and ESCAPE!

Couples have you ever wanted to act on that special pillow talk and experience a Gang Bang?
Ladies you have imagined it a thousand times in you’re mind – now you want to experience it for real?
Single guys do you have what it takes if your number is called to step up to the plate and leave her in ecstasy?
Guys remember always ladies choice and No always means No.

Yes we understand that this type of fun is not for everyone and that’s ok.
Club Escape always has 8 private rooms and plenty of couples and singles to meet.

Club Escape was opened over 11 years ago and has become the Premier Adult Life Style Club in the state of Ohio.
We offer a 10,000 sq ft ‘Sexual Play Land” for couples and singles can meet and have fun.
Now with over 18,000 members and still growing every week!

Why Club Escape?

Our Members – some of the greatest couples and singles you will ever meet
Our Club – State of the art Adult Life Style 10,000 sq ft Club for your enjoyment
Our Staff – A staff like no other to cater to your needs
Fresh Sheets and Actual Beds in the rooms – many other clubs have gone the cheap route (Plastic and a Spray Bottle)
Parking – Plenty of FREE Parking right outside our doors (No need for a map or long walk)
Our Club is for everyone – not just for the so called sexy!
Club Escape is different than most clubs – see the people that attend Club Escape are every day couples and single looking to have fun. We don’t fill our club with strippers who know nothing about the life style, and the single gentlemen that attend blend in well and are polite and courteous.
Plus, the couples are actually looking to meet others and have fun not just window shop all night.
Single ladies attend our club because it’s a safe environment both inside and out.
Have you ever looked at other clubs listings and it says that they a lot of people attending – but when you arrive theres no one there! Our numbers speak for themselves! We do not add fake members or lie about our numbers on this site or any other sight.
Don’t be fooled we are Ohio’s Premier Adult Life Style Club in Ohio.

Members welcome back!
Make sure you always bring your driver license and your membership card both are need to enter the club.
New Members welcome! We make it simple at our club – make sure who ever is attending is 21 and older, and brings a driver license.
We allow you to register right at the door.
Everyone MUST Become a member to enter the club!

Club Escape does not sell alcohol of any kind ever.
This club is always BYOB if you drink we supply the washes and soft drinks.

Club opens at 8pm and the party goes until 2am (Our doors close at midnight no one permitted to enter after 12pm)

Dress Code:

Guys Dress To Impress – you MUST be in a button up or collared shirt – no graphic tee shirts, baseball hats, hoodies or sweat pants are permitted.
Jeans and Tennis Shoes are fine.

3901 Lakeside Ave., Cleveland Ohio 44114

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