Leather and Lace Party

Saturday night in Cleveland Ohio and you’re looking for some erotic fun?
Time to go out to the one place where other like minds couples and singles go for adult fun.
It’s time that you go to Ohio’s Premier Adult Life Style Club …It’s time you Escape!

Tonight we are hosting our Leather and Lace Party.
Tonight we are looking for the guys to wear leather and the ladies to wear lacy!
Ladies you can wear leather as well if you like !

Escape was established back in 2007 and has become the Premier Adult Lifestyle Club in the state of Ohio for couples and singles.
We offer a 10,000 square foot sexual playland – where like minded couples and singles can meet for erotic fun.
Now with over 14,000 plus members and still growing every week!

Club Escape is for everyone – “NOT” just the so called sexy !

Club Escape is different than most clubs – the people that attend our Club are everyday couples and singles who are actually looking for fun!
Escape is not filled with stippers or non lifestyle people, we don’t send out fake emails lying about our attendance for a party to try and acctract you at the last moment.
Our “FREE PARKING” (NO MAP NEEDED) is in front of the building!
Escape welcomes Couples, Single Ladies and Single Gentleman to each party.

Single ladies attend Club Escape because they feel safe and secure both inside and outside of the club.
The single gentleman that attend the parties fit in well.
Single guys we allow you to attend parties without jumping through hoops!
No need to have a committee review your app to see if your good enough to attend a party or not.

See what separates us from the rest:
Our Staff – Including our Hospitality Manager
Our Members – Every day real couples and singles
Our Rooms actually have real beds and fresh sheets – no cheap plastic with a spay bottle and some paper towels

Club Escape is the “ONLY” All-Inclusive Club in Cleveland Ohio ! Once you pay the door party fee the rest is on us! Including FREE PARKING!

Members makes sure you bring your driver license and membership card when entering the club.
New Members Welcome! We do allow New Members to register right at the door!
Anyone attending a party “MUST” be 21 or older, and “MUST” have driver license or state ID.
Club Escape is always BYOB if you drink we supply the mixes and soft drinks.

Stop Over Paying at other Clubs!
We do not charge you a membership fee every time you attend.
Our Membership is $35/year couple or single period!

Door Party Fee:
Couples: $40
Single Males: $50
Single Females: $10

***Save $10 on the door party fee by registering on SLS and arriving at the club before 9pm! You MUST REgister on SLS

Doors open at 8pm and the party goes until 2am! Doors close at midnight you must be in before midnight.

Dress Code: Guys not participating in the theme for tonight MUST be in a button up or collard shirt.
Jeans and tennis shoes are fine. No Baseball Hats, sweatpants, or graphic tee shirts are allowed.

3901 Lakeside Ave Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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