Hole In The Wall Party Glory Hole Fun!

Wednesday night Cleveland Ohio and you want to know where All the fun is taking place?
Boss is driving you crazy at work and you
Just need to ESCAPE!
Moms have the kids been driving you crazy
Schools not out yet and you just can’t wait for the weekend and you Need some “ADULT PLAY TIME”
Business guys are you tired of watching television in those boring Hotel rooms and you need to find all the sexual fun?

Tonight we are hosting our Hole In The Wall Party ! Glory Hole Fun

Don’t worry we have you covered ….Come on out and ESCAPE!

Escape is Ohio’s Premier Adult Life Style Club! Open for the past 12 years with over 19,000 members and still growing every week, Escape is Ohio’s Premier Adult Play Land with Private and Group rooms for fu

Members welcome back!
Please make sure that you bring both your driver license and membership card both are needed to enter the club.
New members welcome!
Please make sure whoever is attending is 21 and over, and make sure you bring a driver license

Guys Dress Code is in effect:

Dress to Impress! You MUST be in a collard or Button up Shirt.
Jeans, Tennis Shoes and Dress Shorts are permitted. No Graphic Tee Shirts, Baseball Hats, Hoodies, or gym shorts are permitted.

Club Escape never sells Alcohol of any kind period!
The club is always BYOB if you drink!
We do supply mixes and soft drinks!

Club Opens at 8pm and closes at 12:30am MUST BE IN BY 11pm

3901 Lakeside Ave. East, Cleveland, Ohio 44114



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