How Many Licks Does It Take Party

Friday Night – Cleveland Ohio and it’s SUMMER TIME!
Get up, Get Out, and Party, Party, Party!
You know the place – Ohio’s Premier Adult Life Style Club …ESCAPE!

Tonight its all about that special quest.
Ever since Mr. Owl asked “HOW MANY LICKS DOES IT TAKE?
Ladies you know what it takes – Taste what’s in the middle?
Guys it’s time to be like Mr Owl and get your sucker sucked?

Club Escape was opened over 11 years ago and has become the Premier Adult Life Style Club in the state of Ohio.
We offer a 10,000 sq ft ‘Sexual Play Land” for couples and singles can meet and have fun.
Now with over 17,000 members and still growing every week!
Club Escape takes pride in what we have created and established and is now Ohio’s Premier Adult Life Style Club.
Club Escape is different than most clubs – see the people that attend Club Escape are every day couples and single looking to have fun.
We don’t fill our club with strippers who know nothing about the life style, and the single gentlemen that attend blend in well and are polite and courteous. Plus the couples are actually looking to meet others and have fun not just window shop all night. Single ladies attend our club because it’s a safe environment both inside and out.

Are you tired of going to other clubs that say they are going to have a lot of people attending – but when you show up there’s no one there?
Or maybe the owners send out a email stating they have hundreds of people registered – only to show up and no one is there?
Stop wasting your money and over paying for other clubs – Escape’s numbers and attendance speaks for it self.

Members welcome back! Please make sure you bring your driver license and membership card upon entering the club.
New Members welcome.
We allow new members to register right at the door!

Please make sure who ever is attending is 21 and over, brings a driver license and the club is always BYOB if you drink (we supply the wash and soft drinks).
We do not sell Alochol of any kind period.

Membership Fee: Everyone “MUST” Be A Member to Enter the Club
Couples or single is $35/year

Doors open at 8pm and the party goes until 2am ( You MUST be in the club before 12 midnight)

Dress Code:

Guys dress to impress MUST be in a collard or button up shirt – Jeans, dress shorts and tennis shoes are fine.
No Graphic Tee Shirts, No Baseball Hats, No sweat pants, no gym shorts permitted. (DRESS CODE IN EFFECT)

3901 Lakeside Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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