Up on all fours - Open or Closed Doors Party

Friday Night – Cleveland Ohio and you’re looking for the one true club For sexual fun?
Look no further – Ohio’s Premier Adult Life Style Club
Couples have you ever fantasied about what a real Gang Bang would be like?
Have you ever wanted to take that bedroom talk to reality?

Ladies imagine being surrounded by all that Male attention where you are the center of the fun?
Single guys do you have what it takes to step up to the plate When its your turn and perform to the ladies satisfaction ?
Remember guy’s ladies choice and “No always means No”!

Our GB parties are legendary!

Tonight ladies it’s all about being with more than one guy!
Tonight’s Sexual Position of the night is Doggie Style!
Your choice leave the door open for others to watch – or closed for more private fun.

Yes we understand that this type of fun is not for everyone and that’s OK.

We always have our 8 private rooms open for plenty of closed door fun, Watching in our group room is always permitted, plus we always have plenty of couples to meet for more intimate fun.

Club Escape was opened over 12 years ago and has become the Premier Adult Life Style Club in the state of Ohio.
We offer a 10,000 sq ft ‘Sexual Play Land” for couples and singles can meet and have fun.
Now with over 19,000 members and still growing every week!

Why Club Escape?

Our Members – some of the greatest couples and singles you will ever meet
Our Club – State of the art Adult Life Style 10,000 sq ft Club for your enjoyment
Our Staff – A staff like no other to cater to your needs
Fresh Sheets and Actual Beds in the rooms – Many other clubs have gone the cheap route (Plastic and a Spray Bottle – not really comfortable or clean)
Parking – Plenty of FREE Parking right outside our doors (No need for a map or long walk)
Our Club is for everyone – not just for the so called sexy!
Club Escape is different than other Clubs in the state.
The people that attend Club Escape are everyday Couples and Singles that are looking to meet and Have fun.
We don’t fill our club with Strippers who know nothing about the Life style and are simply there for show!
The single gentleman that attend our parties mix in well with thecouples and are polite and courteous.
Single Ladies attend ClubEscape because the Environment is safe both inside and out!
Parking is safe and right outside the club doors – and always “FREE”

How many times are you going to continue to pay membership fee’s over and over again?
Stop the insanity of giving your money away for monthly or every 3 month memberships!
Why not simply pay $35 for ther year?

We do not add members to our SLS sign up nor do we send out false emails exaggerating the numbers of attendees for our parties.
Members simply make sure you bring your membership card and Driver license – no need to pre-register!
New members welcomeyou can take care of everything right at the door!
Whoever is attending “MUST” be 21 or over, and “MUST” bring a driver license!
New members can register right at the door.

Club Escape does not sell Alcohol of any kind period!
The Club is B.Y.O.B if you drink we supply mixes and soft drinks.

Doors open at 8pm and the party goes to 2am (You must be into
The club before Midnight)

Dress Code:

Guys you “MUST” wear a button up or a shirt with a Collar, Jeans and tennis shoes, and dress shorts are fine.
No Baseball Hats, Graphic Tee Shirts, Hoodies, or Gym Shorts are permitted.

3901 Lakeside Ave. East, Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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