Escape Holiday Sexual Meet and Greet Party

Tonight is the second biggest party day only loosing out to St Pattys Day.
Tonight it’s all about getting out and having some sexual fun before the family overtakes your house!
Tonight is about reacquainting with old friends and introducing your self to new life style friends.

Wednesday night - Cleveland Ohio and you want to know where all the fun people are ?
Escape is the place - Ohio’s Premier Adult Life Style Club !

Single guys we need your help! Are you ready to Mix and Mingle meeting some great couples and singles?
Single guys remember No always means No ! Touching without permission will have you removed from the club!

—- Register on SLS on Events page that you are attending this party before 7:30 pm and save $10 on your door party charge!

Tonight and every night Escape is the one true club where couples and singles actually meet and Hook Up!
Members: Welcome back please make sure you bring your membership card and driver license both are required to enter the party!
New Members Welcome: Please make sure that anyone attending is 21 and older and brings a driver license or State ID.
We do allow all new members to register right at the door.

Doors open at 7:30 party goes until 12:30 must be in before 11pm

Club Escape is always BYOB if you drink we supply soft drinks and mixes.
We do not sell Alcohol of any kind period.

Guys Dress Code:
Guys dress to impress! If you wear a tee shirt of any kind, a baseball hat, a hoody, gym shorts ect YOU WILL NOT GET IN - PERIOD!
You MUST wear a Button up or Collared Shirt at all times!
Dress shorts are fine.

Once inside the club you will be given a full tour of the club and all rules will be explained.
The single gentleman that attend our parties mix in well with the couples and are polite and courteous.
Single Ladies attend Club Escape because the Environment is safe both inside and out!
Escape is a non pressure club! So weather you are sexually mild or wild, a newbie or a seasoned swinger you will fit in and have a fun time.

Come see for yourself why Club Escape is the “PREMIERE” Adult Lifestyle Club in the state of The Ohio!

3901 Lakeside Ave. East, Cleveland Ohio 44124


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