Pre Thanksgiving Meet and Greet Party

Tomorrow is thanksgiving a time for family all invading your house to drink, eat and watch football games.
A time to enjoy a day of thanks with the ones you love!

Tonight is all about meeting like minded couples and singles who are looking for sex!
Lots and lots of sexual fun!
Tonight its all about coming out and meeting some new people or just hooking up with some old friends.

Ladies who wants to get “STUFFED” with one or more cocks before the turkey does?
Guys cum out tonight and be the ladies pre holiday fun!

Members welcome back!
Make sure you bring your driver license and your membership card upon entering the club.
New Members welcome!
We allow new members to register right at the door make sure whoever is attending is 21 and older, and has a driver license.
Both are needed requirements to enter the club.

Club Escape is always BYOB – we do not sell alcohol of any kind period!

Doors open at 8pm and the party goes until 12:30am ( You MUST be in the club before 11 midnight)

Dress Code:

Guys dress to Impress ! No Graphic Tee Shirts, Hoodies, Sweat Pants, or Hats of any kind are permitted.
Guys you MUST be in a button up or collared shirt – jeans and tennis shoes are fine.

3901 Lakeside Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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